" We inspire freedom of choice "

UconsignEquip.ca (You Consign Equipment) is Western Canada’s newest Heavy Truck, Trailer and Equipment online Buy & Sell marketplace. . . . Built by passionate sales professionals; our unique website was designed with industry specific needs at the core of our vision. . . Providing our members with the freedom to choose;  post listings for FREE (UconsignIT) OR have us look after it (TheyConsignIT). . . Members gain access to tools where UconsignEquip puts YOU in control of the deal. . . ! Utilizing the latest social media marketing methods and search engine optimization (SEO), our listings will reach different geographical markets than your average classified website. . . . . Sign up or connect with us today to find out more!!

What do we do ?

    • Value relationships with our members by engaging online along with face to face meetings with local operators & businesses that utilize the type of listings we promote on our website
    • Constantly research trends and target industry specific markets where our listings can be promoted to potential buyers
    • Provide an easy-to-use, sales professional buy & sell listing platform and website service you can manage “on the go”
    • Simplify the online sales experience with tools included in your FREE membership; including our unique bill of sale, Uconsign-Finance and Shipping solutions
    • Search for potential consignment listings in our travels for specific customer needs or requests… Scroll to the bottom of the page to connect with us!

How does this work ?

    • Sign up as a member and choose a unique username alias; this is the only information shown under a listing to identify a seller..
    • “Request Information” on a listing to email the seller direct and reveal your contact information
    • Comment on a listing live on the website with common questions or comments..
    • Select “Buy Now” or “Make an Offer” when you are ready to make a deal .. this provides the seller with a link to an online bill of sale that automatically pulls information from the website
    • Post your own listings on our website by selecting the UconsignIT button OR select TheyConsignIT if you want us to list it for you!

Membership Requirements

Member’s must register under a username in order to request information, list equipment for sale, use tools provided on the website.


Why sign up as member?

Limit the "Tire Kickers" by narrowing down to serious buyers who have to provide a minimum amount of information that is screened by our administration
Stay up to date with our evolving inventory list and news updates provided with our monthly optional newsletters included in a membership.

One you sign up as a member....

Gain access to UconsignEquip as a buyer or seller with access to FREE tools.

Post up to 4 listings with 10 photos for FREE

$30 per month for groups of 4 listings and up to 20 photos

REFERRAL CREDITS and how are they earned

Share your referral code found in your portal to earn 100 points

Share listings with friends and earn 10 points each time

50 points earned per unit sold on Uconsignequip

Redeem credits to bump your listings- 125 TOP OF PAGE & 250 HOMEPAGE

Increase your viewing market and sell your gear!!!!

NOTE: Remember to check your membership portal for your referral code for both members to earn 100 points ... Shoot us a message for more info!!