Patsy Corey, Breaking Rules and Stereotypes with Gracious Confidence

UconsignEquip is celebrating International Women’s Day with all the women in our lives and the unique and necessary skills and attributes they bring to make work and life better.

It was just over 3 years ago that Karl, founder of UconsignEquip, received an email from New Brunswick asking if he’d considered expanding his newly formed online truck and machinery marketplace across Canada.

UconsignEquip was based in Victoria, but had already penetrated BC and Alberta in less than a year of very hard work.

The email came from Patsy Corey, who brought her extensive knowledge and exceptional reputation to the table, resulting in success beyond expectations.

Patsy has been with UconsignEquip for three years now, selling trucks for a decade and in transportation her entire 25+ year career.

“I was born into trucking. My father always had trucks while I was growing up and I worked with him for half of my career. The other half I worked for manufacturers of trucks and trailers, with some work in the oilpatch in the middle.”

Patsy is an extraordinary salesperson, focused on getting her customers the best returns for their biggest business investments, their equipment. She has a quiet leadership approach that is respectful and effective at the same time. She takes the lead and ensures her equipment listings are cleaned and polished, and ready for the next customer.

“What makes me good at my job is the knowledge I have learned about trucks over the years, and my caring attitude. Folks know when you genuinely care or not. It’s in a woman’s nature to care, so I guess I was born that way.”

When she first started out, it was definitely considered a non-traditional field for women, but she’s grown her customer base (raving fans!) as well as her confidence in her own abilities.

“In my early years of selling I felt I had to work harder than my male counterparts to prove myself, but as time goes on it just becomes second nature and not like work at all. Maybe I’m just more confident.”

25 years has made a lot of difference to the field, with more women taking on heavy equipment sales roles.

“Society is much more open these days to women in non-traditional roles than when I first started. There’s a lot of Girl Power out there!”

Patsy’s a proponent of Girl Power; her Instagram handle is @girlsluvtrux2

Patsy has strongly influenced UconsignEquip, and the people who work here. Her genuine approach is refreshing and easy to adopt. Her consistency in sales is due to her dedication to communicating with her customers, even after hours. All this hard work has paid off.

“My proudest moment was having the highest sales at UconsignEquip Inc. in 2022. I’m working toward it again this year.”

And she’s on her way to achieving that goal, within the good-naturedly competitive environment in which we all work.

We asked her who inspires her, and she told us about Julie Mortensen, CEO of Wabash Mfg Inc in Westlock, with whom she worked for 5 years and continues to do business with as part of UconsignEquip.

“In the manufacturing industry it is not usual to have a woman CEO. She is respected as a peer and is the glue of the operation. Her knowledge of the manufacturing business is vast and she leads a highly successful business.”

“I was inspired to take on a role in sales because of her success. I thought “I can do this!” And she was very supportive, as were the men in upper management. I was given the opportunity to make it if I wanted it. Julie continues to inspire me.”

Julie shared her thoughts on Patsy.

“I have a lot of respect for Patsy, she is a strong lady in a mans world. She holds her own, confidently, looking after her position and her customers. She is forthright and fair, and what she doesn’t know, she will find out.”

Sounds like mutual admiration to us!

We would love to clone Patsy, but the next best thing is to have her as a mentor and inspiration for the next generation of women in transportation.

“If I could speak to women who are looking at getting into this field, I would say that Transportation is the most important industry on the globe and being part of it is fascinating everyday.”

Any last words for your customers?

“I want my customers to know that they matter, and that I sincerely appreciate them choosing me to help them with their sales and purchases.”

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