What makes UConsignEquip Different

Preparation and Due Diligence

Our team of industry professionals has decades of experience with truck, trailer and machinery sales. And we’ve seen deals go bust due to a plethora of factors, many of them avoidable. With UConsignEquip we circumvent foreseeable deal breakers with preparation and due diligence.

Our goal is to help you sell your trucks, trailers and heavy machines, but our objective is to build a network of customers who have confidence in our processes and trust that we are representing the needs of both buyers and sellers.

Confidence in Representation

With each listing, our selling agents complete a visual inspection, take photos (and video of power units), and gather information on the maintenance of the unit. This helps us establish a fair selling price, and allows us to represent the consignment units with confidence when negotiating with a potential buyer.

Protection through Documentation

To ensure the legality of each sale, our Admin team completes lien searches and collects accident reports. This expedites the sale process and ensures that the deal is completed when the contracts are signed.

With these tasks taken off the very busy schedules of our selling customers, they are left to focus on the job or project at hand. They can even keep working with the equipment until the contract is signed.

And the buyer is assured that the equipment they are looking to buy is legally available for sale, and in good working condition. And if they can’t visit the equipment themselves, they have photos, videos, specifications and the ability to speak with the selling agent directly to alleviate concerns.

Two years in, we’re proving the system and improving our processes to best meet the needs of our customers, both buyers and sellers.

Want to learn more? Check out our TheyConsignIt program here 

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