Uconsign TOOLS

Empowering our members


This feature is what inspired us to build our website. UconsignEquip gives U the tools and freedom to consign your truck, trailer and equipment on your own.

  • UconsignIT is mobile friendly form with mandatory fields that are required to post a listing on our website through all memberships.
  • We highly recommend filling out the additional information section which will save you time by providing buyers with crucial specifications required to making a decision on they’re purchase.
  • For more views on your listing please post photos of your unit in a clean state and each possible angle.
  • All ads are saved in membership portals where you can save, edit, delete or bump your listing.
  • If you are looking for a Uconsign desktop Appraisal you will be required to fill out the UconsignIT form.


Don’t have time to sell your gear? Not getting enough for your trade? Tired of the uncertainty with auctions? Not to worry! UconsignEquip provides our members with a choice to use our industry professional selling partners.

  • Unlike traditional consignment lots ours is online based saving you money on transportation.
  • Our Selling Partners act as your agent that will collect information and photos of the unit(s) you would like to sell listing them through they’re membership username.
  • Selling partners will actively pursue leads and search for potential buyers for your consignment!
  • UconsignEquip will handle the transaction without any hassles.
  • Click the “TheyConsignIT” link above to send a request to see if our selling agents can be of value to you.

Inspired to become a selling partner? Send us email at info@uconsignequip.ca to inquire.

Bill of sale

Feel FREE to use our generic bill of sale when you make a deal through UconsignEquip!

  • Please Note : It is your responsibility to ensure you are abiding by your province/state legislations and or regulations around selling your truck, trailer and equipment.
  • Remember to check for liens through your local registration office and ensure they are removed when completing a sale.
  • UnconsignEquip is not responsible or liable for any sale made through our site. We are only providing our members with tools to help you succeed

Condition Reports

COMING SOON …. Feel FREE to use our condition reports to aid in disclosing all relevant information to your posting.

  • Truck – Trailer – Equipment (each one of these links will give them ability to download one relevant to they’re posting)
  • Fill in these condition reports as best as you can in effort to aid in the decision-making process when a buyer is looking at your post.
  • Upload them to your postings at anytime below your photos



Professional commercial financing solutions at your fingertips coming soon.

UconsignEquip values partnerships and aggressively pursues them. We are currentry working through and carefully selecting a finace partner that will be available to our members


Uconsign Appraisals

  • We are CPPA (Canadian Personal Property Appraiser) certified members that can provide desktop appraisals through our website.
  • To start an appraisal request it is suggested to start by filling out our UconsignIT forms and saving them to your portal and requesting an appraisal through link above or at the bottom of the UconsignIT forms.
  • Physical appraisals are also available through our network of partners where we can send out a CPPA registered appraiser to view each unit you would like us to appraise. **These types of appraisals will need to be quoted prior to making any arrangements.


COMING SOON … UconsignEquip recommended shipping vendors to be determined through our growing network

  • Don’t have the resources to pick up your truck/trailer and or equipment? Not to worry Uconsignequip is working on key relationships to provide professional safe and fully insured freight hauling with the click of a button!
  • Since we are in our early stages of marketing our site, we want to involve our members. Market some gear and shoot us an offer to work with our site to provide your logistic service HERE