Now Hiring!

Position: Sales & Consignment Coordinator Company: UconsignEquip Inc. Location: Hybrid, must reside in Edmonton, AB or Lower Mainland, BC Salary: $40,000 Full-Time Hybrid position Schedule: Monday to Friday 7 am PST – 4 pm PST UconsignEquip and who we are. Our vision is to build a well-known, trusted alternative to buying & selling commercial heavy … Continue reading “Now Hiring!”

Halloween Treats and Sugar Highs – Nov 1 2022

  Anyone else on a sugar high after raiding the trick or treat bags? Halloween is a fun way to enter into the season of snow and dark evenings, but we’ve got some very well-maintained equipment to peruse and ponder as consider your next business moves. Not seeing what you’re in need of? Give us … Continue reading “Halloween Treats and Sugar Highs – Nov 1 2022”

Time is Money, and Neither should be wasted! Oct 18 2022

  Time is Money, and neither should be wasted. When it comes to selling your equipment (either to downsize or retrofit your fleet), you need to get the best price, the highest return on your investment. That’s where we can help. By listing your equipment through TheyConsignIt, we take all the dreaded details off your … Continue reading “Time is Money, and Neither should be wasted! Oct 18 2022”

October is Safety Month – Oct 4 2022

  October is Safety Month Safety has become a priority in our industries, but now its time to take it to the next level – making it part of our company culture. This is when our talking points become second nature in our actions. Our commitment to safety extends to the thorough visual inspections, including … Continue reading “October is Safety Month – Oct 4 2022”

New Listings from UConsignEquip – Sep 6 2022

  National Trucking Week In honour of National Trucking Week, we’d like to recognize and pay respect to all those whose desktop is a steering wheel. Your commitment is appreciated and your professionalism is admired. Thank you for keeping our country moving. Take a look at our latest listings of consignment trucks, trailers and heavy … Continue reading “New Listings from UConsignEquip – Sep 6 2022”

Hot Summer Deals – August 30

  Another Milestone for UconsignEquip! Every truck, trailer or heavy machinery unit we represent through TheyConsignIt is visually inspected, records gathered and photos (and video) taken for buyers to review. This thorough process has enabled buyers to trust the deal, and buy with confidence. We are very proud to announce: We’ve sold 250 trucks, trailers … Continue reading “Hot Summer Deals – August 30”

UCon Summit of Heroes – June 2022

Summit of Heroes For a virtual company that is spread out across Canada, getting together in person is a really important component to working as a team. In June our entire team gathered in Whistler BC for our annual sales meeting and team building experiences. Here’s what we learned, in the words of our team … Continue reading “UCon Summit of Heroes – June 2022”

New Listings – Aug 2

  It’s a long weekend for some, and a longer weekend for the rest of us still working in this heat The time to buy is now, with a significant increase in trucks, trailers and heavy machines being listed for sale. If you’re in the market for quality used equipment, there’s a lot to choose … Continue reading “New Listings – Aug 2”

New Listings – July 19

  Grab a cone and dig in to some #Uconlistings! How did we get midway through July and just learn that it’s National ICE CREAM MONTH? Of all the weird and goofy celebrations we’d like to ignore, this is one we’re celebrating! Whether you enjoy it in a bowl, or a cone, or straight from … Continue reading “New Listings – July 19”

New Listings – July 4

  Meeting the Team! Meet Speedy! Anyone who has bought or sold a truck, trailer, or piece of machinery through UConsignEquip in the past 18 months has experienced the friendly, professional, and efficient Rachel. Rachel has decided to follow Karl’s lead and embrace entrepreneurship. “At Uconsign, we live by our mission statement where we Inspire … Continue reading “New Listings – July 4”

Sales Experience at your Service

Welcome Wayne Friesen to UCon! If you’re in the Edmonton area and seeking a selling agent with sales experience, we’d like to introduce to you our newest team member Wayne Friesen.   Wayne has spent his entire career in the transportation industry, including purchasing new equipment, rigups, disposing of used equipment and sales of new and … Continue reading “Sales Experience at your Service”

We Want to Hear from You – no matter what!

Even though we might not have what you’re looking for at the moment, we track all of our customers’ wanted needs when they line up with what our team currently specializes in.    Heavy Spec Truck Tractors, HWY Truck Tractors, Winch Trucks, DOT Vacuum Truck & HydroVac, Dump Trucks & Trailers, Tank Trucks & Trailers, … Continue reading “We Want to Hear from You – no matter what!”

Inspiring all those with whom we connect

Meet Speedy! Anyone who has bought or sold a truck, trailer, or piece of machinery through UConsignEquip in the past 18 months has experienced the friendly, professional, and efficient Rachel. She came to UConsign with a BBA, Accounting and some experience working in both private and public firms. “I learnt that accounting was not for … Continue reading “Inspiring all those with whom we connect”

New Listings – June 13

  Hot days ahead, Hot deals RIGHT NOW! Wow! It’s hard to believe but we’re getting close to the longest day of the year, and the days aren’t the only thing that are heating up. With the onset of Summer comes an increase in equipment demand, and new builds aren’t getting here any quicker. The … Continue reading “New Listings – June 13”

Overcoming the Major Challenges of Selling Equipment Privately

As a business owner, there are a lot of areas of responsibility in which you need to collect and utilize basic knowledge beyond the product or service you are providing. This is where professional consulting through a company like UconsignEquip can prove beneficial.  If you use trucks, trailers or heavy machinery equipment in your business, … Continue reading “Overcoming the Major Challenges of Selling Equipment Privately”

New Listings – May 31

  First Peek at June Listings! We’ve got a lot of new listings to share with you! But first, we wanted to review how these emails work. If you’re interested in a unit listed, the heart outline on the top right corner of the listing will take you to the full listing with photos (and … Continue reading “New Listings – May 31”

New #UConListings

  There’s a long weekend ahead… But there’s no rest for the working class! Our team has been relentlessly seeking quality pre-owned trucks, trailers and machines to consign and their efforts are fruitful. Here are several more units that we couldn’t wait to share with you. Click on the unit of choice, and you will … Continue reading “New #UConListings”

What makes UConsignEquip Different

Preparation and Due Diligence Our team of industry professionals has decades of experience with truck, trailer and machinery sales. And we’ve seen deals go bust due to a plethora of factors, many of them avoidable. With UConsignEquip we circumvent foreseeable deal breakers with preparation and due diligence. Our goal is to help you sell your … Continue reading “What makes UConsignEquip Different”

Preparing for Downsizing, Replacement or Fleet Alignments

Regardless of why you are selling part or all of your fleet, preparing it will help you get the highest return.  Sometimes that preparation begins the day you take possession.  If it’s working for you, it will work for the buyer Start record keeping from DAY 1 . Preventative maintenance, regular service and repairs are … Continue reading “Preparing for Downsizing, Replacement or Fleet Alignments”

New Listings – May 2022

  Let’s Make a Deal! We keep an Equipment Wanted list of all inquiries (email, newsletter, social media, phone and in person meetings), because even though we may not currently have a unit listed on our site, chances are, we will be stumbling across one soon. We’ve had great success in selling equipment before we … Continue reading “New Listings – May 2022”


How it can work in your favour to opt out of the auction ring.   To paraphrase Forrest Gump, Auction is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Capricious, Erratic, Unpredictable… but there’s no need to belabour the point. However, we would like to explain exactly why we developed … Continue reading “#SkiptheAuction”

Patsy Corey, Go-Getter – Heavy Truck Industry

Patsy Corey, Heavy Truck Industry expert

East Coast Represents! In the dictionary under the term ‘go-getter’, you’ll find a photo of Patsy Corey. In the past 16 months she’s been blazing a trail of UCon Heavy Truck Industry listings and sales throughout the eastern provinces. She’s been having a lot of fun introducing the unique concept of UConsignEquip to owner operators … Continue reading “Patsy Corey, Go-Getter – Heavy Truck Industry”

New Listings – April 2022

  No Fooling Around, just great deals on Trucks, Trailers and Equipment We’re definitely into the season of road bans, with limits being updated online and on road signs throughout the provinces. Whether you work in forestry and logging, or oil and gas and pipelines, the work continues. If its time to refresh your fleet, … Continue reading “New Listings – April 2022”

New Listings – Feb 15

  Sunshine and Sweet Deals! The Groundhog Prediction was six more weeks of winter, but maybe Mother Nature isn’t taking his calls. It’s warming up, maybe because of the hot listings we’ve added to UConsignEquip! Grab that heart-shaped box of chocolates and take a scroll through our latest truck, trailer and machine listings! Click on … Continue reading “New Listings – Feb 15”

New Listings – Feb 2

  In Search of Consignments Where did the slowest month on the calendar disappear? January is officially done, and we’re eagerly awaiting Vancouver Island Violet’s early spring predictions this morning! While we can’t really know what the weather will be like, we can safely say that business is getting back to normal. Strong pricing on … Continue reading “New Listings – Feb 2”

We know you’ve got big plans for ’22!

  We know you’ve got big plans for ’22! 2021 was quite a year! We moved 120+ units from seller to buyer averaging 10 units a month! With the addition of our selling agent Daniel McCartney located in the Mainland of British Columbia in August we are fully committing to be there for our customers … Continue reading “We know you’ve got big plans for ’22!”

We’re making a list … UConsignEquip Enews Dec 2021

  We’re making a list of great pre-owned machinery, trucks and trailers! We’re looking to create a little Jingle, Jingle in the pockets of our customers by moving equipment from ‘for sale’ to ‘sold’. And this doesn’t just apply to our selling customers. Our buyers need the right trucks, trailers and machines to keep working, … Continue reading “We’re making a list … UConsignEquip Enews Dec 2021”

Career Opportunity – Selling Agent

We are looking for Selling Agents in two Areas   Locations: (remote work with regular travel required) North Central British Columbia Central Alberta   Who we are Our vision is to build a well known; trusted alternative to buying & selling commercial equipment though our online marketplace across Canada With our core mission to inspire freedom … Continue reading “Career Opportunity – Selling Agent”

We humbly acknowledge our veterans … UConsignEquip Enews Nov 2021

  NEW LISTINGS at UConsignEquip We’d like to humbly acknowledge our veterans and remember those who are no longer with us. Thank you for your service. May we never forget. October was a busy month! We had three Vac Trucks and four Truck Tractors that sold and delivered to new owners, and now we are … Continue reading “We humbly acknowledge our veterans … UConsignEquip Enews Nov 2021”

Cool Weather, Hot Deals! UConsignEquip Enews Oct 2021

  New Listings, Cool Weather, Hot Deals! If we had to describe October in one word, we’d likely choose Crisp. Maybe because of apple crisp? But it’s also because of the weather. It’s not cold yet, but the sharpness of the air is reminding us that summer truly is over, and it’s time to prepare … Continue reading “Cool Weather, Hot Deals! UConsignEquip Enews Oct 2021”

September Shifts into Gear – UConsignEquip Enews Sept 2021

  September Shifts into Gear September always feels like the start of something – for kids, its back to school, for parents, its back to regular schedules. For truckers, heavy equipment operators and labourers, it’s a break from the heat of summer. August was a busy month for everyone, wrapping up the holidays, catching up … Continue reading “September Shifts into Gear – UConsignEquip Enews Sept 2021”

We Have a Plan

There’s been a terrific response to our initial posts and we’ve received many inquiries.  We have now secured partners in purchasing and moving this modular housing unit. The hardest part was choosing among the countless families. There are so many who are without housing due to evacuation or loss of home. Every person is deserving, … Continue reading “We Have a Plan”