On the Road

We like to humble brag that we can get deals done fast, but we really weren’t expecting this plan to take off as quickly as it did. 

Gotta Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Last Thursday, Aug 19, Karl Dworkowski, our owner and team leader, had an idea how UConsignEquip could help out with wildfire relief. He spoke with the team and we all pulled together. By Monday we’d secured the rest of the money needed to purchase the unit, as well as transportation to move it from Valleyview, AB to its final destination. 

A huge thank you goes out to the current owners of the unit, Gary and Shirley Huth of Marrik Trucking in Cassidy, BC. They generously dropped the selling price, and updated the floors in order to make it more comfortable for evacuees.  

And another thank you goes to Dave and Darcy McClimon with 4M Bobcat & Trucking Ltd, Sooke, BC and Angelika Posselt, Burns Lake, BC for partnering with us to purchase the mobile housing unit and make this happen. 

And finally, Craig Lebeau of Lebeau Bros Trucking (and that cool Discovery Channel show, Mud Mountain Haulers), for jumping on board, driving to Valleyview, AB and hauling the housing unit back to BC.

Craig is picking up the modular housing unit this weekend, and we will update you all with photos and the rest of the story soon after that – stay tuned!


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