New Listings – May 31

  First Peek at June Listings! We’ve got a lot of new listings to share with you! But first, we wanted to review how these emails work. If you’re interested in a unit listed, the heart outline on the top right corner of the listing will take you to the full listing with photos (and … Continue reading “New Listings – May 31”

New #UConListings

  There’s a long weekend ahead… But there’s no rest for the working class! Our team has been relentlessly seeking quality pre-owned trucks, trailers and machines to consign and their efforts are fruitful. Here are several more units that we couldn’t wait to share with you. Click on the unit of choice, and you will … Continue reading “New #UConListings”

What makes UConsignEquip Different

Preparation and Due Diligence Our team of industry professionals has decades of experience with truck, trailer and machinery sales. And we’ve seen deals go bust due to a plethora of factors, many of them avoidable. With UConsignEquip we circumvent foreseeable deal breakers with preparation and due diligence. Our goal is to help you sell your … Continue reading “What makes UConsignEquip Different”

Preparing for Downsizing, Replacement or Fleet Alignments

Regardless of why you are selling part or all of your fleet, preparing it will help you get the highest return.  Sometimes that preparation begins the day you take possession.  If it’s working for you, it will work for the buyer Start record keeping from DAY 1 . Preventative maintenance, regular service and repairs are … Continue reading “Preparing for Downsizing, Replacement or Fleet Alignments”

New Listings – May 2022

  Let’s Make a Deal! We keep an Equipment Wanted list of all inquiries (email, newsletter, social media, phone and in person meetings), because even though we may not currently have a unit listed on our site, chances are, we will be stumbling across one soon. We’ve had great success in selling equipment before we … Continue reading “New Listings – May 2022”