Preparing for Downsizing, Replacement or Fleet Alignments

Regardless of why you are selling part or all of your fleet, preparing it will help you get the highest return.  Sometimes that preparation begins the day you take possession. 

If it’s working for you, it will work for the buyer

Start record keeping from DAY 1 . Preventative maintenance, regular service and repairs are so important to keep your truck, trailer or machine operating smoothly. Do yourself a favor and keep records of all the mechanical inspections, minor repairs and especially those costly ones.  Most buyers are looking for equipment with maintenance history and are willing to pay a little more for that privilege. 

Clean and mean! 

Regular cleaning avoids residue buildup and makes the sale go faster and with less surprises. Caked on grease, mud, vegetation (or insects) and road salt can be corrosive and cause permanent damage. It’s much easier to wash and deal with small wear and tear issues as they happen, than to remove years of debris to find out the skirting has washed away with the dirt. (true story) 

A clean vehicle lends well to the story of mechanical maintenance.  Few buyers will believe that the engine has been cared for if a later model truck is covered in bug guts, salt and rust spots. 

We sell with confidence

Our selling agents thoroughly view the trucks, trailers and machinery we list. This includes taking photos, a detailed video of the engine, permanently mounted equipment, undercarriage and all other working parts. Our ability to honestly appraise and answer with confidence any questions potential buyers may have, closes deals. 

We sell a lot of equipment from province to province, and across the country, often to buyers who can’t come to inspect the equipment for themselves. This comprehensive assessment and photo/video files provide trustworthy evidence for completing the sale.


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