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Meet Speedy!

Anyone who has bought or sold a truck, trailer, or piece of machinery through UConsignEquip in the past 18 months has experienced the friendly, professional, and efficient Rachel.

She came to UConsign with a BBA, Accounting and some experience working in both private and public firms. “I learnt that accounting was not for me but loved working with startups, so I wanted to find an operational role.”

We were still at the infancy of our growth, and her love for solving problems, big and small, have helped us develop our online leads & inventory management databases, processes, and documentation.

“Rachel aka ‘Speedy’ was able to take my vision and crazy ideas to scale our business model and put them into action” Karl Dworkowski explains.

Rachel’s role constantly evolved as our company grew from being our first official employee. She learned the ins and outs of sale, consignment, and marketing processes. In October of 2021 we hired Clair Leger-Downey onto our Administration team and promoted Rachel to a management role.

Follow your own path

“At Uconsign, we live by our mission statement where we Inspire Freedom of Choice. With Rachel this has felt like such a natural transition to consistently inspire her to follow her own path,” Karl adds.

“Now she’s taking what she mastered with us, and building her own company, and although we are sad to see her go, we are far more capable and efficient thanks to her dedication and focus. We will continue to work with her on a contractual basis, but we’re proud to be a part of her success.”

As Rachel plans her transition and trains her replacement, she took a few minutes to share with us her perspective. “I learned a lot with UCon, including that I LOVE spreadsheets, almost as much as I love solving problems.”

In her time here, she’s also revealed a keen understanding of data analytics and reporting, as well as project management. “I’ve discovered an ability to take a grand idea and split it into bite-size pieces that the team can run with.”

“I love being with a company from the early stages of startup. There is so much creative freedom in building processes.” And we can attest to her skill at developing those processes. “It’s inspired me to do that with other companies, to offer this specific skill set to other startups and new businesses.”

UCon is Growing

If we’ve given the impression that we will simply be replacing Rachel, that’s just not the case. With five selling agents bringing in new consignments and sales, naturally we had to create two new positions to handle the upcoming workload. For her role, we need someone with more experience in the management of consignments, contracts and specifically, liens.

“This is where the role of Administration Manager is naturally leading into, so it felt like the time to transition to make room for someone who could take the processes I’ve built and run with them,” Rachel says.

Valuable Business Lessons

“Karl has been great to work with, and I have learned a lot from him, and the rest of the team.” When we asked for a few key examples, she shared, “Get the whole story before jumping in headfirst, whether it’s starting a brand-new process or working out a hiccup.”

“Be willing to invest in your company. When you have the mindset that your company will be huge and that you’ll likely have to take some financial hits along the way, there’s not a lot that can stop you. This investment is long term, and not reflected in short term gains or losses.”

Most importantly, how important life balance is. “Karl has summed it up perfectly, ‘If you’re not filling your cup in other areas in your life – you’re going to be driving your car with a flat tire’ ”.

Onward and Upward

Rachel will be with us full-time for a few more weeks and is tackling a major role in finalizing our developing processes and training material and passing on her experience to our new team members. Stay posted, we’ll be introducing you to them very soon!


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