We Want to Hear from You – no matter what!

Even though we might not have what you’re looking for at the moment, we track all of our customers’ wanted needs when they line up with what our team currently specializes in. 


  • Heavy Spec Truck Tractors,
  • HWY Truck Tractors,
  • Winch Trucks,
  • DOT Vacuum Truck & HydroVac,
  • Dump Trucks & Trailers,
  • Tank Trucks & Trailers,
  • Heavy Haul Lowboy trailers & Multi-Wheel Combinations,
  • Step Deck Trailers,
  • Trombones / Extendable Trailers,
  • Logging Trucks & Trailers, 


We keep an “Wanted Leads List” of all inquiries (email, newsletter, social media, phone and in person meetings), because even though we may not currently have a unit listed on our site, chances are, we will be stumbling across one soon. 


We’ve had great success in selling equipment before we get a chance to list it publicly, because we can connect the seller with a buyer(s), and get the deal done very quickly. In February we sold two additional DOT Vacuum Trucks from a couple of our return customers through our TheyConsignIT selling service to a new customer who expressed a need. For that reason we track all of our relevant Wanted leads so we can add value to our growing customer base by engaging in these leads immediately when we take on a new listing.. . 


This works especially well for custom trucks, trailers and machinery – because those units are usually rigged up specifically for the owners purpose, and finding the right buyer can be like a needle in a haystack.


The same goes for buyers who need unique rig ups for their specialized work. Finding equipment that already meets your specifications instead of waiting for a custom build, is like winning the lottery! Only better, because the government doesn’t tax half your winnings. 


Please call one of our selling agents and share your wanted list so we can keep you on top of mind when we get units listed for sale! 


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