Patsy Corey, Go-Getter – Heavy Truck Industry

Patsy Corey, Heavy Truck Industry expert

East Coast Represents!

In the dictionary under the term ‘go-getter’, you’ll find a photo of Patsy Corey. In the past 16 months she’s been blazing a trail of UCon Heavy Truck Industry listings and sales throughout the eastern provinces. She’s been having a lot of fun introducing the unique concept of UConsignEquip to owner operators and larger fleet businesses.  

Armed with years of great experience and a refreshing approach to heavy truck industry sales, she’s tackling the inherent challenges of fleet dispersal management. And she’s got a lot of experience in her arsenal. 

“My father was an owner operator and at 14 I began to help out.  In 1997 he, my brother, and I   started our own trucking business, hauling tankers to deliver cooking oil in bulk to food manufacturers in Atlantic Canada. 

After her dad passed and the business sold, she worked in manufacturing and sales of oilfield trucks, trailers and equipment, specifically in the areas of fleet tracking and maintenance systems, asset disposals, insurance and registry requirements. She’s worked with some of the most respected companies in Canada, including McCains, Eveready / Clean Harbors, Wabash Mfg, Volvo and Kenworth. 

New Opportunities to Build a Market

She was looking for a new challenge, and word of UConsignEquip, a BC-based online marketplace for heavy equipment, had made its way to the Maritimes. 

“There was no ad for a position, but I just knew it fit me. So I called Karl and asked for a job.”

“I’ve been here for a year, and it is just as great as I knew it would be from the beginning,” she shared in a recent conversation. 

Building a network of customers

Bringing a new product to market means overcoming skepticism and getting in the door. “I connect with the Owner-Operators, who are often on the road and don’t work a regular schedule.” Patsy overcomes these roadblocks by being on the road regularly, meeting with fleet owners where they are at, bringing solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Being part of a team that offers premium selling services, including strategic marketing and direct customer interaction is a great fit for Patsy, given her lifelong experiences in the industry and natural selling ability. 

She’s building on her existing network and growing the UCon customer base in New Brunswick and the rest of the Maritimes, not only through her own diligence as a go-getter, but through the referrals she’s earned. “Word of mouth is proving to be lucrative.” 

When asked what is convincing customers to trust their equipment dispersal to UCon, she shares, “They like the retail value we can get them, where in the past they were at the mercy of the trade value given to them at the dealerships.” 

Add-on Services make a huge difference

She feels the additional shipping, financing and logistics provides a full circle online consignment service offered by the UCon team of equipment specialists. “Providing shipping quotes is definitely a deal closer, as many of the trucks I sell are located in NB but sell to Western Canada or the USA. We also really capitalize on opportunities to sell into the USA by providing assistance to the importing process, which can be overwhelming for most.”

If you’re in the Heavy Truck Industry, based in the East Coast of Canada, and have fleet dispersal needs, give Patsy a call at 506-800-2556.  And watch for her truck, as it takes her all over the Maritimes, sourcing equipment to list and closing sales on behalf of our valued customers.  UConsignEquip, representing the Heavy Truck Industry in the Maritimes

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