How it can work in your favour to opt out of the auction ring.


To paraphrase Forrest Gump, Auction is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

Capricious, Erratic, Unpredictable… but there’s no need to belabour the point. However, we would like to explain exactly why we developed and deliver a viable alternative for selling some of your biggest business investments. 



Our selling agents list from your location!!! The money you’ll put out to sell equipment at auction is not minimal. The cost to move equipment is not cheap, and it means you will need to pull it out of service before you move it to site weeks before auction. 



How often does the schedule of the auction align perfectly with your own work plan? Rarely. What happens when you still need that truck, trailer or heavy machine working for you, even though the transport to auction date is here? It becomes a tough choice – keep working and skip the auction, this time around? Or bend to the schedule of the auction? Its a calculated risk with little opportunity for abundant return. 

And to make matters worse, most auctions are unreserved meaning ; its gamble without any guarantees for a fair return on your investment.

At UconsignEquip we understand the need to be flexible which is why you choose the price; you choose when it goes up for sale and you choose to take it back to work if needed.



There’s no question that auctions have large audiences, and you can get your equipment in front of thousands of people. 

Are they the right people? If your equipment is specialized, either in purpose or industry/sector, there is no guarantee that buyers in need of it will be in attendance at the auction. This can limit your buying pool and the auction results, netting you a less impressive return.

Even if your equipment is more routinely used, it is likely one of dozens of similar trucks, trailers or equipment units, with little to differentiate it and qualify it for a better selling price. Long and short, if you’ve taken meticulous care of your equipment, it may not sell any better at auction than the run-down unit right beside it, because buyers may not have the time to properly inspect and differentiate it. 


Why #SkiptheAuction? How is UCon Different?


  • No upfront costs
  • No deadlines
  • Keep on Working while we find a buyer
  • Focused and Strategic marketing of YOUR equipment 
  • We only list equipment we feel confident we can sell.

Wait.  Say that again? 

We Only List equipment we feel CONFIDENT we can Sell. 

Our online marketplace is available to our customers who can list up to 4 x Trucks, Trailers and Machinery listings for FREE. But, we only take on listings through our TheyConsignIt program that we know we can sell. 

Here are some of the considerations that can effect the price:

  • What time-frame do we have to sell the equipment ? Is it in season?
  • Does our team have the expertise/knowledge and OR customer base to promote the equipment?
  • Is there a market for this and how can we access it?
  • Is it priced appropriately? Can we get a respectable selling price? Will it compensate the seller appropriately? 

And here are some areas in which we have expertise 

  • Heavy Spec Truck Tractors, HWY Truck Tractors, DOT Vacuum Truck & Hydro-vac, Dump Trucks, Tank Trucks , Lowboy trailers, Step Decks, Trombones, Logging Trucks & Trailers . Our growing team can provide you with an honest assessment of value in these areas.
    • And if we don’t we work with a well known Appraisal Company that can asssit us with an evaluation
  • Cross-Canada Transportation Logistics
  • Border Import/Export logistics
  • Regional Equipment allowances (some provinces limit trailer widths compared to others)

And, we have a growing list of ‘Equipment Wanted’ customers who are waiting for your equipment to be listed for sale. 

In fact, we likely have someone waiting to see your unit land in their email inbox. Check out our UConsignIt and TheyConsignIt programs here –

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